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Getting to Know Induction Cooking and Induction Cookware

Published February 25, 2017 in Cooking , Science & Technology - 0 Comments

Cooking with induction appliancesWe usually prepare food by cooking. Cooking is the process of making our food through heating. When cooking indoors, cooktops and ovens are often used, though sometimes, grills and griddles are used to prepare food.

Cooktops are divided as gas types and electric types. Electric-types, however, do have more accurate methods of heating by electricity. This includes coil elements, halogen heaters, and induction. In this article, we will be discussing more induction cooking.

Induction cooking also uses induction cookwares so if you are looking for some, check out the best induction cookware reviews to get ideas.

What Is Induction Cooking?

Coil and halogen heaters generate heat from electricity and transfer this heat to the cooking vessel to cook the ingredients in it. However, induction cooking is different from this method. It doesn’t generate heat to be transferred to the vessel.

In an induction cooking, it is the cooking pan/vessel itself which generates heat.

The “heating zone” in an induction cooker is a powerful electromagnet that generates high frequency (20-40 kHz). When a magnetic material (induction cookware) is placed in that zone, the electric field induces energy into the metal, generating heat on it. The heat that the cooking vessel is controlled by the strength of the magnetic field. The stronger it is, the more heat is produced by the cookware.

Induction Cooking Ware

How Induction Cooking Works

1. The coil of metal, which colors red when turned on, provides an invisible high-frequency electromagnetic field.

2. No heat is produced in the heating zone until the pan is placed on it.

3. When the pan is put in the cooking area, the electromagnetic field penetrates into the induction cookware, and electric current starts circulating the pan, generating heat.

4. By conduction, the heat of the cookware then heats the contents in it.

5. When the pan in removed from the cooking zone, the field stops generating heat.

In an induction cooktop, only when an induction cookware is placed on the coil metal area does heat starts to produce.

Cookware Used in Induction Cooking

Though they can be used in gas and electric stove for the kitchen, induction cookwares are purposely made for induction cooking. These are made from magnetic materials like steel, iron, and magnetic stainless steel. Ceramic clad, and other pots and pans with enamel coating can also be used on induction cooktops because of the iron pan which is hidden inside the ceramic layer.

Pots and pans made from copper, aluminum, and glass cannot be heated in induction cooktops because it doesn’t have a magnetic material which the electromagnetic field flows to generate heat.

If you’re not sure whether your cookware has a magnetic material or not, get a magnet and place it on the bottom surface of your cookware. If it sticks, then it is magnetic and therefore can be used in induction stoves.


Induction stoves do not generate heat and transfer them to your cookware. Instead, it generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field which transfers to your cookware made from magnetic material. When the electromagnetic field is circulated in the vessel, it then starts generating heat. In an induction cooking, it is the cooking vessel itself that generates heat.

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