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How to Find the Best Roofer Near You

Published November 25, 2016 in Construction , Home , Home Improvement , Roofing - 0 Comments

rooooferRoof restoration is considered as one of the most costly home maintenance items. Using a less than competent roofer for this project could be a nightmare considering the investment involved in this type of home maintenance. While finding a reputable commercial roofer may be difficult, the result will be selecting the best company available to accomplish the necessary repairs and allow the homeowner to relax with peace of mind from knowing that the right choice has been made. Below are tips on how to find a licensed roofer near you.

1. Check with Realtors- Property managers of major local real estate firms are good sources for quality referrals. It is a good idea to get the e-mail addresses of these property managers so they can be contacted individually for their referrals. They usually maintain a list of reliable contractors who offer the best services at reasonable prices.

2. Do online research- This tip may take some time, but it is well worth the extra time spent in doing this research. Perform an online analysis of each company that has been referred. Check the website for any posted information, such as reviews and comments. This is especially important if they have a customer feedback section to get an adequate idea of how well the roofing company performs their job.

roooofer23. Get license number- It is critical to get the license number of each contractor that has been referred. Call the representative of the roofing company to ask for it, if necessary.

4. Contact former customers- Contact at least three people who have done business with the contractor. Make a phone call to each of these people and verify that they are satisfied with the company’s performance. Ask about the speed and quality of the job that was performed.

5. Interview contractors selected- Finally, call the referred roofing contractors who, after extensive research and much consideration, have made it to the top of the list as the potentially best choice for the needs of this particular remodeling job. Verify their work experience and confirm that it is substantial. Make sure to confirm that each company has documentation that they maintain both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

6. Must provide contract and warranty- Only select a roofer who provides a written itemized contract as well as a warranty for their materials and workmanship. Read the contract and ask any possible questions about any item that is not clearly stated. Warranty terms should also be clearly stated in the contract to ensure that the roof will be of high quality.

With those tips, you should know how to find a licensed roofer near you. A wise homeowner takes the time to do more work and gathers all the facts and learn from other peoples’ experiences before making a choice in hiring a contractor. With these helpful tips in mind, a homeowner can achieve the best quality and best warranty available for home roofing needs! Check out the Roofing website with Jeremy Hahn for more information.

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